Welcome to Yilun Jin’s homepage!

I am currently a Ph.D. student at the CSE Department, the HKUST, advised by Prof. Qiang Yang and co-advised by Prof. Kai Chen. My research interests lie in data mining algorithms for practical problems, including:

  • Expressive Learning Models
    • Structure-Aware Models for Graph Data [GraLSP, AAAI’20; GraphSTONE, KDD’20; GraphMSE, AAAI’21; GSKN, WWW’21]
    • Temporal-Aware Models under Dynamic Data [EPNE, ECAI’20]
  • Effective Learning under the Lack of Data
    • Transfer Learning [CrossTReS, KDD’22; MUSDAC, IJCAI’20]
    • Federated Learning [SecureBoost, IEEE Intel. Sys. 2021]

Prior to joining the HKUST, I spent 4 wonderful years at Peking University, China, obtaining both a B.S in Computer Science and a B.Economics at the National School of Development. I was fortunate to have Prof. Guojie Song as my advisor during my days at PKU, with whom I collaborate very well.

You can contact me via (yilun.jin [at] connect.ust.hk) and (yljin [at] pku.edu.cn).


[October 2022] Recognized as a Top Reviewer of NeurIPS 2022!

[July 2022] Invited to serve as Reviewer (Program Committee Member) for AAAI 2023 and ICLR 2023.

[July 2022] Recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer (Top 10%) of ICML 2022!

[June 2022] Invited to serve as a Reviewer for the new LoG Conference 2022!

[May 2022] CrossTReS is accepted at KDD 2022. Congratulations!

[March 2022] Invited to serve as a Reviewer for NeurIPS 2022 and its Datasets and Benchmarks Track.

[February 2022] Invited to serve as a Reviewer for TMLR.

[January 2022] Invited to serve as a Reviewer for ICML 2022.

[August 2021] I passed my Ph.D. qualifying exam and became a Ph.D. candidate. [slides]

[July 2021] Invited to the Program Committee Board (i.e. to serve a three-year term as Program Committee Members) for IJCAI 2022-24.

[June 2021] Invited to serve as a Program Committee Member for NeurIPS 2021 Datasets and Benchmarks Track and ICLR 2022.

[May 2021] SecureBoost is accepted at IEEE Intelligent Systems. Congratulations to my co-authors!

[April 2021] Invited to serve as a Program Committee Member for NeurIPS 2021.

[January 2021] One co-authored paper is accepted at TheWebConf 2021 as a long paper. Congratulations to my co-authors!

[December 2020] One co-authored paper is accepted at AAAI 2021. Congratulations to my co-authors!

[May 2020] One co-authored paper accepted at KDD 2020. Congratulations to my co-authors!

[January 2020] Two papers accepted at TheWebConf 2020 (Short Paper) and ECAI 2020.

[November 2019] GraLSP is accepted at AAAI 2020 [Paper]. Congratulations!


I hold a broad range of interests so as to keep enjoying life.

I enjoy sports including jogging and basketball. My favourite team in NBA is San Antonio Spurs and my favourite football club is Liverpool FC.

I am a civil aviation enthusiast. I am a member of the ACICFG, a team devoted to making subtitles and captions for documentaries related to civil aviation (such as the Air Crash Investigation). Some of our works are published on bilibili. I also write some articles on zhihu related to civil aviation and my research.

I am an alcoholist, I like the following types of alcohol.

  • Beers, including Pale Ale (I like Ballast Point, Brooklyn, Dogfish and BrewDog.), Trappist (I like Rochefort and Chimay.) and Hefeweizen (I think Franziskaner is good enough.).

  • Vodka. Smirnoff Black, Grey Goose and Russian Standards are of high quality.

  • Whiskey. For single malts, I like Talisker and Lagavulin. For blended, Johnnie Walker Double Black is worth a try.

  • Bourbon. I have only tried Maker’s Mark and I found it charming. Recently I tried Wild Turkey 101. I found it more straight and less mild than Maker’s Mark, but still interesting.

  • Gin. The taste of Gin is a highly personalized matter. I would recommend the Botanists and Monkey 47.

An image demonstrating genres of single malt scotch is here.


I make friends with many elite guys who are doing state-of-the-art research in many areas. Some of their homepages are below.

Haodong Duan (Ph.D Student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Computer Vision).

Peiqing Chen (Ph.D student at Boston University, Network measurement).